Grace & James

“We honestly cannot thank you enough for everything. From being so easygoing and helpful, to creating the video of our dreams!

It was so lovely to share our special day with you. The film is everything we dreamed it would be and more. We’re so glad we made the right choice with you guys, you captured the day perfectly. I’ve watched it so many times already and the time and effort you have put into it is so clear. Everyone I’ve shown it to has wept - including us!”

Stacie & Dan

“We honestly can’t begin to explain how thankful we are for what Wildfire Wedding Films captured of our wedding. The video is so full of love, vulnerability and true emotion that I can’t believe how evocative of the day it is. I thought that it would be a wonderful representation but the depth of detail and moments of quiet that were captured are so ethereal, that every time I watch it I am transported back to those special moment. I know a lot of this will seem rather cliche baring in mind that it was our wedding, but I really am so so grateful (we all are!) for this amazing and visceral keepsake that we will treasure forever. Thanks for everything and what an incredibly talented and totally lovely team you are too.”

Catriona & Angus

“We’ve watched our film so many times already! We are so happy that we had our day filmed. It really brings it all back.”

Georgie & Justin “The best!”